Sunday, 13 March 2016

Jesus calms the storm

Lent week five log
Monday - mediation -Worry is a waste of time.
Worry is the assassin of things you can't change and will destroy your peace, creativity, mood and confidence. Don't worry about anything, instead prayer about everything.
Tuesday - mediation - Spiritual relationships.
If you have to reinvent yourself to keep friends/partners happy. The relationship won't work. the bible gives guidelines about "telling the truth".
Keep clear boundaries, be respectful and listen to God's words in everything you do. 
Wednesday - mediation - Don't quarrel, and avoid people that do.
Quarrelling can be a patterns you are possibly a custom to or boosting self- worth. This can open up a floodgate and a dispute could breakout.
Avoiding a quarrel is a mark of honour.
Standing up for what you believe is fine as long as you say what you mean... "Without being mean".
Thursday - mediation - God will forgive and restore.
The prodigal son... The young son was so disrespectful to his father. Taking the money before his father death was unheard of at that time.
Everyone was surprised in the way his father responded, when his son returned home, but his father knew his son, had seen the error of his ways.
Friday - mediation - "It is a very little thing, that I should be judged by you".
Who are we trying to impress?  Criticism from people is not healthy and loving. Think what it would be like, to feel genuine love from someone who expresses their disapproval of you. 
God shows us his compassion, knowledge and wisdom.
Saturday - mediation - "I have loved you with an everlasting love".
Make the best of things... 
Make peace and prosperity wherever you are and build a home for yourself and family.
Whatever you create, you will receive.
Sunday - reflecting on the week.

It has been a challenging week, I feel like I have been paddling in a tiny dingy, surrounded by huge waves in a turbulent Ocean. I am a little drained and tired but still in the dingy.

Thank you for sharing
love, light and blessings xx

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Sunrise Mothering Sunday 6th March 2016

Lent week four log
Monday - mediation - Take another look 1 -
Try to be less critical and more complimentary. Everyone makes mistakes.
Tuesday - mediation - Take another look 2 -
Try to see people through God's eyes, as outwards appearances can be misunderstood.
Wednesday - mediation -Take another look 3
Try to look deeper, "Opportunity knocks - The "innkeepers" didn't know who Mary was, when Jesus was born in a stable. "He is the King of kings".
Thursday - mediation - Those that lead good people down an evil path. 
Know who are influencing your children.
Friday - mediation - Jesus hear our cries.
Jesus made like his brothers. You can't understand situations unless you have experienced them. 
"Jesus knows about pain and more...".
Saturday - mediation - Gossip is up alongside murder.
The tongue can be deadly and destroy peoples lives.
Sunday - mediation -  For all the Mothers 
Take a few minutes to watch this beautiful day begin...

I am grateful for all the knowledge that I have gained this week.
Thank you Jesus, you are my Rock.

Thank you for sharing
Love, light and blessings xx

Special blog for Mothers...

To all the Mothers and Carers in the world.
Thank you God for them and bless them.

Have a relaxing and enjoyable day.

Thank you for sharing
love, light and blessings xx

Happy Bank Holiday

                              This is a great song...                             Enjoy -  You are not alone                        ...